The Pro’s and Con’s of Self Publishing

I thought writing the book was hard, but that pales in comparison to what all goes into publishing your own novel. The marketing, creating the cover, finding a legit editor thats not going to rip you off….Its overwhelming for someone like me that has never been in the industry before.

Creating the novel, giving the characters a voice is the fun part. Doing the revisions and making the story better, to flow and make sense to someone other than myself is amazing.  But then that’s when it gets hard.

See I don’t write full time, this is a new hobby that I am really enjoying but I have a full time job. I work 50-60 hours a week plus I’m a mom, plus a wife, plus a daughter, sister, friend…the list of people needing something from me or needing my attention is constantly growing. Toss in trying to self publish…it’s overwhelming.

Ive found myself trying to sneak in agent and publisher searches during my breaks at work, reaching out to book bloggers begging them to review my novel hoping it will dredge up some awareness and it seems all Im getting back is just more work. The other day a blogger wrote a great review on my book and I was so busy with reposting, tweeting, FB’ing it and doing all the other stuff I do during the day that doesn’t revolve around writing…I forgot to thank her. I felt like such a ass. That’s not who I am but that’s who I am becoming because I’m overwhelmed.

So here is the list of pro’s and con’s of self publishing:

Pro’s – no deadlines you get to work at your own pace – no required signings, book readings or tours – the work is yours and no one is saying you have to change something before it will be published – its quick! finish the novel and boom your novel is up for sale.

Con’s – all the marketing falls on you – the cover creation is all on you – finding an editor that meshes with your writing style, paying them and doing the edits yourself – having no guidance on what could be changed in your novel to take it from good to great – having to use your friends and contact to promote your books over and over again.

Thats all I can think of right now, thanks for listening to my rant. I feel like I’m alone in this and wonder if I should just stop trying to publish these books and just keep them for myself and my friends to enjoy. It would be a lot easier…and cheaper.


First Person, Third Person, Tenses oh My.

OMG and I thought I was done with finishing the first draft of my second book, Kate Unraveled. But OH was I wrong. Now I have to go back and decide do I like the view the story is told from AND to top it off I have to decide what tense.

DAMNIT I don’t know. Can someone else decide that for me…then make the changes….:)

Okay so here is the real question. Do you feel more drawn into a book that is written in present tense or past tense? My book is a romantic suspense novel not sure if that helps you make the right choice or not but there you go.

I’ve never noticed what tense a book is written in but now I’m finding myself completely unfocused at work and going through each book on my kindle to find out.

Who knew this author stuff would be so time consuming on things other than FREAKING writing. UGH. I just want to create beautiful stories….and have someone turn the jumbled mess of words into something glorious that is actually readable. Is that too much to ask?

I thought I was different…

So when I first published FFTC I thought oh yeah this is the best thing ever written and it’s going to do amazing. People are going to buying it left and right and I was going to make millions.

Cue reality. I’ve sold 40 books and have made almost 75 dollars.

When I read all the stories about how hard it would be and some people never even recovered their initial costs I thought I was different. Or at least my book was.

Turns out this selling the book stuff is hard. Writing it was easy and enjoyable but selling it, marketing it. It freaking blows.

Now I guess I’ll find a real publisher for the next novel but that seems even harder! Can’t I just write the damn thing then pass it off to someone that knows what they heck they are doing?


Falling For The Chance

Check out the recent review of my book from Crissireads!

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Falling for the Chance by [Mitchell, Kennedy L.]

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Two years after losing her fiancée, twenty-seven year old Emily Heart still hasn’t recovered. Everyone has told her to get back out there, to live her life – her best friend going as far as setting her up with an online dating profile – but she just can’t move on. Not only can she not move on emotionally but she has now found herself stuck in a career path far from where she saw her future self. One hot Friday afternoon in Dallas she meets two potential men that could make her see things differently.

Martin and Mike couldn’t be more opposite, leaving Emily to figure out who will be the one her heart – not just her body – will fall for.

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I DID IT!!! First Novel- BOOM

I did it! I actually wrote a full length, legit novel! Six months later it is finally published through Amazon. Check it out under my pen name Kennedy L. Mitchell.

My second book is in the works now and I have to say it’s already better than the first.

Oh, and I did end up hiring an editor who really helped change the flow of the book and made it 100 times better. I am very very glad I decided to bite the bullet and pay for an outside opinion.

YAY! I did it! I’m going open champagne.


Waiting and Waiting….

I found an Editor I really liked, we seemed to click via email and the books she had edited in the past were similar to mine. So we decided on a date, I sent her my manuscript now…..I’m just waiting and waiting…..She said it would take her two weeks to get thru it all and its only been one so far but let me tell you it already seems like an eternity.

Not only do I want to get thru this final stage quickly because I want to get my book published ASAP but more than anything, I want to know what someone thinks of the book outside of my family and friends – obviously I think its awesome.

I wish she would give me some kind of crumb of her thoughts, just to know if she likes it, loves it, or thinks I’m an idiot for trying this writing thing.

Even at thumbs up emoji would work at this point.

So here I go, trying to patiently wait for her to send me my manuscript back to know her overall thoughts. And by patiently waiting I mean I am checking my email every two seconds.



I Thought This Would Be Easier…

I really thought this whole writing thing would be easier than it turned out to be. I had a story, a great story – at least I think so- and I knew exactly what was going to happen in each scene. So, it wouldn’t be hard to put all that into actual words that flowed and moved seamlessly from one scene to the other right?


After I wrote my first draft I realized being a writer is so much more than having a story. Its having a talent for making people feel thru the written word. Most people hone that talent thru years and years of writing, so how can I compare or even catch up. This is my first book and I want to get it out there but honestly I feel…inadequate compared to all the other amazing authors out there.

When I read other books, the thoughts of the characters – the emotions the Author makes me feel, I doubt I have that talent. I tried, I tried really really hard in my book to make people feel and see what my characters are doing but Im not sure I actually achieved that goal or if I just ended up with 70K jumbled words that I think make sense.

I guess I just thought if I had a story. A good story. I could make my dream of being a writer come true. Sadly I learned its going to take a lot more than just a good story.