The Pro’s and Con’s of Self Publishing

I thought writing the book was hard, but that pales in comparison to what all goes into publishing your own novel. The marketing, creating the cover, finding a legit editor thats not going to rip you off….Its overwhelming for someone like me that has never been in the industry before.

Creating the novel, giving the characters a voice is the fun part. Doing the revisions and making the story better, to flow and make sense to someone other than myself is amazing. ┬áBut then that’s when it gets hard.

See I don’t write full time, this is a new hobby that I am really enjoying but I have a full time job. I work 50-60 hours a week plus I’m a mom, plus a wife, plus a daughter, sister, friend…the list of people needing something from me or needing my attention is constantly growing. Toss in trying to self publish…it’s overwhelming.

Ive found myself trying to sneak in agent and publisher searches during my breaks at work, reaching out to book bloggers begging them to review my novel hoping it will dredge up some awareness and it seems all Im getting back is just more work. The other day a blogger wrote a great review on my book and I was so busy with reposting, tweeting, FB’ing it and doing all the other stuff I do during the day that doesn’t revolve around writing…I forgot to thank her. I felt like such a ass. That’s not who I am but that’s who I am becoming because I’m overwhelmed.

So here is the list of pro’s and con’s of self publishing:

Pro’s – no deadlines you get to work at your own pace – no required signings, book readings or tours – the work is yours and no one is saying you have to change something before it will be published – its quick! finish the novel and boom your novel is up for sale.

Con’s – all the marketing falls on you – the cover creation is all on you – finding an editor that meshes with your writing style, paying them and doing the edits yourself – having no guidance on what could be changed in your novel to take it from good to great – having to use your friends and contact to promote your books over and over again.

Thats all I can think of right now, thanks for listening to my rant. I feel like I’m alone in this and wonder if I should just stop trying to publish these books and just keep them for myself and my friends to enjoy. It would be a lot easier…and cheaper.


I thought I was different…

So when I first published FFTC I thought oh yeah this is the best thing ever written and it’s going to do amazing. People are going to buying it left and right and I was going to make millions.

Cue reality. I’ve sold 40 books and have made almost 75 dollars.

When I read all the stories about how hard it would be and some people never even recovered their initial costs I thought I was different. Or at least my book was.

Turns out this selling the book stuff is hard. Writing it was easy and enjoyable but selling it, marketing it. It freaking blows.

Now I guess I’ll find a real publisher for the next novel but that seems even harder! Can’t I just write the damn thing then pass it off to someone that knows what they heck they are doing?


Last night I went to Barns&Noble to pick up a hard copy of COTAR and became overwhelmed with just how many books are out there in the world. What was there was a small smoking of what’s available today and isn’t even a dent at what was available yesterday, the day before that and so on. 

So why was it overwhelming? Because I’m not as special as I thought I guess, there are thousands of other people out there that can pull thoughts from their own minds, put it on paper and make it into a story that others want to read. 

How will my story ever be different. Why will be people want to chose my novel to read over the thousands of others. Just stinks looking at that huge store knowing, I might be proud of me for publishing a novel, my friends and family might be proud of me but in the grand sceme of things it’s not that big of a deal. A lot of others have done it before me and a lot more will do it after.