Hire an Editor or Not?

I am finally done with my first book, yay me, its a 63K word young adult romance novel, nothing fancy but hey its done. My question is do I need to hire an editor to look if over before I publish on Amazon? If so any suggestion where to find one.

My friends are reading it right now, making suggestions on things to change plus some light editing but Im not sure if this is enough. I don’t want to publish something, even if it is self published, that is full of errors.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Previous experiences? Help 🙂


One thought on “Hire an Editor or Not?

  1. 🙂 Great question!
    I’m in a bit of the same place myself, finished a first 60k+ book in Feb, dreadful/exhilarating editing for 6-7 weeks, now sent it to some friends for comments, but then what.. 🙂
    I’m also posting/publishing some small snippets on my blog for some early support and feedback, so we’ll see!
    And let me know how it goes with your stuff!


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