First draft blows

Ok my first draft freaking sucks. Little deflating really. Is this normal? Should I just toss it all and start on something new? 


Tonight is the Night!

Tonight is the night that I finish my novel. Its not perfect, but its almost done. I will go back over the next several weeks and rewrite, edit and edit some more, but all in all I did it. What I set out to do over a month ago is done. It might not be good, but it is mine. I turned one tiny idea into 60K+ words onto paper. Who else can say that did that (OK lots of other authors but none of my friends, no one I know personally). Im pretty damn proud of myself.

If it sinks or swims, I dont care. Im proud of myself and thats all that matters.

Am I an idiot?

Am I an idiot actually thinking people will like my book and want to buy it? Why even finish it if it’s just going to sit on the kindle site with no views. 

There is so much to do once I’m even done writing the whole thing. Editing, creating a cover, more editing, publishing….

Am I the only one hyperventilating here? It’s all so overwhelming. I started this book as a hobby but now my hopes are up that other people will read it and like it. 

I see why authors go crazy now. Yep. I’m headed that way.