Finding The Time

I work full time and have a kid and have a husband…where do I find the time to write? Last night I drank a bottle of wine and ate about a dozen sugar cookies to stay up late and get some writing done. It was amazing. The house was quiet and I got to focus solely on writing and my yummy wine. However going to bed at2 very tipsy dos not prove well for me being productive at my actual paying job. So there is my question, with life going on around you when do you find a quite space and time to write? Or should I just give up on sleep until its finished?

I’m now over 33k words written so I’m making progress but I could do more if it weren’t for life! 


Up to 13k words! 

Woo hoo! Last night I made it up to 13k words. I’m so excited and my characters are really coming to life. I had no idea all these fun scenes were waiting inside my brain dying to get out!

I need to stop thinking about where I will go after I finish this novel but it’s so fun to imagine what could be. I read online that you can self publish just to kindles which sounded just what I need after I’m done. Again getting ahead of myself but I need to remind myself that it won’t just be me and my two friends reading it. There are options out there for me to get it out into the world once it’s done and see how it performs. 

More writing tonight. More fun scenes to come. Woo hoo I found a new hobby 🙂 

Writing My First Novel

So here I go, writing my very first novel. I was so excited to start it and got 5K words in and was like ok why do people say this writing thing is hard. The words are fying out of my head on to the page. Then I realized I needed about 75K more words to make a novel (F…)

Onward I go and last night I wrote about 10K works so thats progress, right? I work full time so this is kind of my new hobby. Blogging and writing are now my hobbies. When am I going to find time to read new books?

Im not sure if my book will ever go anywhere but Im having fun while I write it so thats good. Off I go to write more, wish me luck!